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00.57ct Tourmaline - Newry, ME00.58ct Tourmaline - Mt. Mica, ME00.60ct Tourmaline - Mt. Mica, ME00.62ct Aquamarine - Mt. Antero, CO00.68ct Tourmaline - B.Orchard, ME

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Creating a unique piece of Art that fits your wants and needs is my specialty. Let's work together to envision the perfect Gemstones and Jewelry for you.


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I have to say, I'm a bit in shock. It really doesn't feel real. The pieces look and feel so much better than I ever could have believed. I just keep putting them on and taking them off because I can't believe it. This has been an incredible experience!

Anthony N



Of all the amazing pieces offered by top popular designers, it continues to be a good investment to have a one of a kind item made that will express both your own thoughts and the the creative artistry of a private designer. This collaboration is pure art and comes signed as such. He's made my anniversary extra special and we have our amazing original work that will last generations.
Thank you Steve

Catherine M



Firstly, the note, card, certificate, and packaging were freakin awesome. Best Christmas present a guy about to propose could ask.
Second, I know you hear this probably all the time, but holy s#@% the craftsmanship is incredible. The pictures DO NOT do it justice whatsoever… I’m truly impressed with the level of detail and obvious skill.
I am so beyond stoked to present this to my fiancé to be. Thank you so much for making this a reality, and for making the whole process simple, easy, and enjoyable.

Robert L