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Motives and Inspiration

About Steven Tyler

Unforgettable jewelry and gemstone design result when art converges with science, and creative vision unites with thousands of hours of technical mastery. At the intersection of these threads, Steven weaves an ever expanding web of treasures.

"Every day, there is something new to envision, discover, and bring into reality."

An Eye for Quality

Steven is distinguished from his peers by an unquenchable appetite to learn and experiment. With each new technique meticulously explored, from jewelry fabrication to gem cutting, new dimensions of possibility reveal themselves through his artistry.

He currently works out of his fully equipped home studio in Salem, MA,

Have Fun

Steven’s ambition for knowledge as a lapidary artist and jewelry designer has pushed his boundaries further than previously imagined possible. He thrives on bringing joy and amazement through his works as he continues to explore and grow into new territory.

Always Learning

This intense craving to expand his creative universe reverberates through each unique piece of customized jewelry that Steven creates. An endlessly evolving string of possibilities for combining and applying new techniques fuels his prolific body of work. Every detail is handmade with care, and every piece of custom jewelry is an irreplicable trail marker on his journey into mastery of his craft.

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